Cardiff Guide

The perfect introduction to the capital of Wales!

  • EVERYTHING there is to see and do in Cardiff!
  • Adventures Listings
  • Day trips and excursions 
  • Cardiff for vegetarians 
  • Cardiff for foodies 
  • Festivals 
  • Cultural Venues 
  • Cardiff Lore and Legends 
34,000 words. Hundreds of web links. Dozens of photos. 

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How much is it?

£1.99 or $2.99 or the equivalent in local currencies. Basically, it's the minimum prize that I could specify on Amazon. (It's a big file)


There are other city guides, pamphlet-sized, listing most of the attractions you could just as easily look up on Tripadvisor. There are many heritage / city history books which are mainly of interest to long-term residents. 

There aren't many books walking the tightrope between the two. So I set out to create one, combining, hopefully, the best of both worlds. The end result lists Sights, Attractions and Activities, but goes way beyond what a traveller on a city trip would typically try. I even included a chapter about Cardiff's Myths and Lore, which covers the little anecdotes that bring a city to life. 

As a single-author guide written by a local resident, it's a little subjective. The best travel guides are those written with a little personality, rather than those which are a little robotic. My benchmark for travel guides are those published by Bradt.

I decided to keep the bits for visitors and tourists quite neutral in tone, but get more opinionated for those who delve deeper into the book, into the sections that are mainly of interest to people staying in the city for quite a while.

Get in Touch!

If you buy my ebook, please do get in touch! Comment on this page, or find the Facebook page, or email me (address is in the introduction in the guide). I would love to hear what you think, get tips about anything I missed out, and suggestions for how to make it better in future. I've already learnt a lot, and plan to do some things a little differently in future editions.

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