Cardiff SF/F Book Club

I no longer live in Cardiff, so I'm no longer involved in the Book Club.




 Speculative Fiction the umbrella term for science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, alternate histories and any kind of fiction which is set in a world that is significantly different from ours.

Next Meetings

We're diversifying! In addition to book meetings, we're also meeting up for tabletop gaming afternoons / evenings, geeky conventions and occasional trips to the theatre or cinema!

Check out our upcoming get-togethers on!

Newcomers very welcome!

On Facebook

I've created a Group for the Cardiff Speculative Fiction Book Club on Facebook. Anyone can join.

On Goodreads

I've also created a Cardiff Speculative Fiction Book Club group on Goodreads. Anyone can join.

On Meetup

I've created a Cardiff Scifi & Fantasy Book Club group on Meetup.

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