Sunday 1 February 2015

Cardiff Book Club: book choice and meeting locations

I just sent out a quick book club update by email.
  • So far, 11 people (including myself) are interested. 
  • Three people can’t make either of the suggested dates  
  • Seven people can make it on the suggested Tuesday
  • Five can make it on the suggested Sunday
  • People have suggested venues in Roath, central Cardiff and Chapter. (I’m afraid I’m claiming organiser’s privilege and not going to include Canton / Chapter in the short list, as that’s awkward for me to get to)
  •  “Lock In” is now well in the lead (7 to 4). It’s the more popular option for those who can make Sundays and also for those who can make Tuesdays. To give people time to read it, let’s firm up the choice now: Lock In by John Scalzi is our first book!

I figure the sooner we fix a date, the better. So…

  • I’d like to check if more people can make the first meeting if it’s on a later Tuesday or Sunday. Could you let me know? Please use the form:
  • I'm also trying to find out whether Roath or Cardiff Town Centre is the best place for meetings.
  • I’d like to see if another day of the week would be better for more people in the long run (i.e. for second and further meetings). I excluded Wednesdays as an option because there’s an existing speculative fiction book club which meets on Wednesdays
  • Would you like to help out in some way? Please let me know!
  • Please do feel free to tweet / share on Facebook / spread the word to any local fellow SFF readers you know. Here’s a link that should include all book club updates on  my blog:

I'm also going through my previous blog posts and replacing links to the registration form with links to the new form.

By the way, do feel free to say hello in the comments!


Anonymous said...

So I was thinking (and sorry if you've already got this kind of stuff sorted) that it might be a handy icebreaker to have everyone who comes along tell everyone 3 bookish facts about themselves when they introduce themselves? I'm not always the best at remembering names, so cues like "Ah that's Steve who likes cats and dark urban fantasy" tend to work better for me :)

Federhirn said...

Sounds like a great idea... I have to admit, icebreakers are not something I have any skill / talent for. Could really use a person to be responsible for those!

I'm terrible with names too. So terrible in fact that I realised far too late that my web form never asked anyone's name, only their email address. I guess that means, at best, I will be remembering people by their email addresses rather than names... :-/