Thursday 16 April 2015

Next Cardiff Speculative Fiction Book Club read: Ringworld!

I sent out an email to those on the mailing list yesterday. If you haven't received it (and would like to be on the list), sign up for emails here. Here's the update I sent out:

Nikki and I had a good chat about Angela Carter's Fairy Tales on Sunday - but we missed everyone else! Kudos to Nikki for cutting short a trip to Yorkshire just to attend the Book Club meeting. I'm hopeful a few more people will be able to come along next time.
  • The next book is Ringworld by Larry Niven.
  • The next meeting will be on Sunday 10th May, at 3pm, in A Shot In The Dark on City Road in Cardiff. (I know at least one person is not a native to Cardiff - please get in touch if you'd like directions!)

Hope to see you then!

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Anonymous said...

Ah good, that lets me squeak in and read Ringworld just a day or two before the meeting! (I'm reading female authors only as a challenge for a month, which lasts 7th April - 7th May!)

Federhirn said...

Your reading pace is scary!